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Unique Designs:

** company logo **The copy written snake design is a highbred constrictor which features a very powerful set of saber-toothed fangs. The fangs are only used for warding off its combatants. The Viper is an ambush predator only taking what it requires to survive. Being an ambush predator it relies on its stealth and conning to out strategize and locate its elusive prey.

The t-shirt designs, below, are the first designs to come out of our studio. Please keep checking back because we have hats, jackets and other logo gear on the drawing board.

Checkout our unique designs

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** Black T-Shirt-1 **  ** Black T-Shirt-2 ** 
** Green T-Shirt-1 **  ** Green T-Shirt-2 ** 
** White T-Shirt-1 **  ** White T-Shirt-2 ** 
** White T-Shirt-3 **  ** Gray T-Shirt-1 **