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What's in a Name:


• rod\räd\, noun, a pole with a line and usually a reel attached for fishing

• reel\rēl\, noun, a revolvable device on which something flexible is wound

• creel\krēl\, noun, a wicker basket (as for carrying newly caught fish or storing/transporting gear)

• rod\räd\ and reel\rēl\ creel\krēl\, noun, Rod & Reel Creel™, provides a secure, protective housing for storing and transporting multi rod(s), reel(s), and/or fishing tackle in a system that is, secure, crush resistant, lightweight and water resistant. The system would provide fishermen and fisherwomen a system for transporting their fishing envestment through most public mass transportation centers without drawing negative attention. The case is not bulky and clumsy and would not tend to getting hung up or snagged when moving through underbrush, when riding on horseback, when hiking, or when on a camping excursion.

Rod & Reel Creel™

How would you like to securely store/transport your $1,745 Sage rod & reel set, with your $575 Able reel, along with a couple of your $1000 Tibor reels, all in the same storage system? Or may be your like your us and all of your combined fishing gear wouldn't cover the cost of a good Sage reel, but still could benifit from a secure multi rod and reel storage system.

According to Wikipedia and confirmed by the mathematician Michael A., a sigmoid function is a mathematical function having an "S" (sigmoid curve) shape. The sigmoidal function can be a sine or cosine function, but it is not limited to these trigonometric functions.

The flagship of Sigmoidall.com (spelled with two "L"s) patent pending, is the Rod & Reel Creel™. The cornerstone of the Rod & Reel Creel™ is the Sigmoidal function. The profile view of the Rod & Reel Creel™ illustrates the two aesthetically pleasing (sigmoid curves) parting lines.

Profile View

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The cornerstone of the storage system is the sigmoidal, or S-shaped, between the central compartment and each terminal compartments. These sigmoidal segmentations are ergonomically designed to allow the user effortless access to the main storage compartment.

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With advancements in technology the cost of fishing equipment has increased exponentially. These increases have some fishing enthusiasts looking for more secure ways of protecting and transporting their investment(s).

The Rod & Reel Creel™ is a secure, protective and novel way of transporting from one and up to four fully disassembled four-piece fishing rods and reels, and/or fishing paraphernalia (with TSA approved locks) in a three-compartment storage system.

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Rod & Reel Creel™ Features:

The Rod & Reel Creel™ is handcrafted in the USA by Artisans who shares the same passion and goals for fishing as you  
Secure, Lockable Double Zipper Access, Three-compartment Storage System  
Ergonomically and Aesthetically Pleasing Design  
Carry Handle/Sling and Identification Window  
Multi-Rod, Reel and/or Fishing Paraphernalia Storage 
Duel zipper pulls allow for the use of locks approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  
Simple construction, ensuring the weight penalty is kept to a minimum  


To satisfy the quintessential bucket list, it calls for a “Trophy Fish"… Be the Predator not the Prey™